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Confirmed Date: June 17th and 18th 2022 and continuously Revamping and renewing everything about nuclear technology in the 4th industrial revolution, highlighting Nuclear medicine, climate change, Nigeria’s Nuclear power plant development and enhancing nuclear technology in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We want to raise awareness in a way we have never done before. COP27 will be once again in Africa and Nigeria being the giant of Africa is an ample location to kick start this global movement. We want to make it the grandest event ever and your participation will be a great record in history.

The position of Africa in the nuclear technology space cannot be overlooked as Namibia, Niger and other African countries have abundant uranium resource which is a major fuel for nuclear reactors. In medicine, research, agriculture and oil industry, the application of nuclear technology has continued unabated for the socio-economic benefits of the continent and the world at large.

The next frontier in nuclear technology development is Africa and this event has come to highlight the importance while heralding her readiness for the prosperity it brings. Wouldn’t you rather join us?
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17th June is the day of the workshop and

18th June is the 5KM WALK

Day 1: stepup nuclear workshop ; Register now:
Day 2: Step up Nuclear walk – Get your free T-Shirt!
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Nuclear Walk Route

From and to Sheraton Hotel Abuja